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The Gradual Evolution of Video Games

video games

The perception of games has over the years shifted from outdoors to indoors to a situation where you can be seated at a place and yet enjoy the many thrills of racing or war or more. Yes, all this is possible now. Welcome to the world of video games.

A video game is an electronic game that banks on the interaction between a user interface that generates visual output and a monitor where the image is played out. These games can be played on a number of platforms, the most common being personal computers and video games consoles.

But the whole concept of video games actually kick started with the exponential boom in mobile technology and use of the little hand held devices, the smart phones. Now it is easy to download games on mobile phones and keep playing whenever there is time – commuting, resting between workouts and even between cooking and preparing dishes. Such convenience has made video games almost a national obsession.

The model of video games in its traditional form has been on a decline. The once popular video games parlours thronged by adults and kids alike are not as trendy as before. These establishments had large coin operated machines and were housed in video arcades. However, the rise of portable home play stations and consoles and of course smart phones found youngsters and others  preferring the convenience of being at home to go through a round of video games. Moreover, video games played on laptops and desktops or consoles are available at very affordable prices.

One of the earliest video game that is still widely played is Super Mario Bros, devised by Nintendo in 1985. This is the game that basically fuelled the mass craze in video games. Other equally successful ones include The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Counter Strike and The Final Fantasy.

Video games can be categorised to match the intent of players. You thus have racing games, war games, games to test your motor skills and reaction and even games that teach little girls the art of keeping a house neat and clean.