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Video games are not just about handling your console well nor having excellent reaction times. There is a lot more to it, especially if you are interested in the origins of video games and how they have managed over the years to capture the imagination of children and adults alike.

Geje Games is a blog site dedicated exclusively to video games – the origins and history, gradual evolution of video games over time, technological advancements in hardware and software and the games that are taking the market by storm. Our sole focus is to bring the many aspects of video games to the forefront and make readers aware of the many sides to it.

Towards that end, we invite contributions from bloggers who have a great deal of knowledge of video games. Any aspect of video games is welcome provided it is linked to this niche. A few examples of what we really want will act as a guide to bloggers wishing to write in.

You can start with the history of video games and the machines in use at the early stages of their inception. You can trace back to the times when the traditional arcade coin punching machines took a hit due to the exponential boom in small portable devices like consoles and X-boxes.

Enthusiasts of video games can also share information with readers about the latest games in the market and what are the ones trending today. Share news about soon-to-be-released versions of popular games. You can also offer tips on playing them so that readers can gain from your expertise in this field.

Geje Games is your window to the world of video games. Send in authoritative blogs to make it a cut above the rest.

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